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Troubleshooting Your AC Compressor

In all probability, it may be an issue with your compressor if you discover that your air conditioner just isn’t working as it should. Some basic troubleshooting can help to determine whether that is the cause, although most homeowners aren’t qualified to do other than essential maintenance and troubleshooting. It will take a professional AC technician to carry out many of the diagnostic tests.

What Is the Compressor?

The compressor is almost certainly located in the outdoor unit if you have a standard residential AC system in your home, and if the compressor isn’t working, your system won’t work. In the compressor, low pressure and cool gaseous refrigerant is compressed until it reaches a higher pressure and a higher temperature and is then squeezed into your unit’s condenser. The process can’t be carried out if the compressor in your air conditioner won’t turn on, for whatever reason.

Check the Power

A tripped breaker or a fuse that’s blown can mean your air conditioner isn’t working as you expect it to. Although it seems obvious, a good first step is simply to check that the power source is getting to your AC unit. Breakers and fuses shouldn’t have frequent problems, and if yours are causing a loss of power more often than they should, an electrician may be needed to diagnose and fix the problem. In general, your air conditioning unit doesn’t respond well to continual stops and starts, especially the compressor.

An HVAC repair services professional may be needed if the breakers and fuses seem to be okay. However, you can check yourself to see if the correct voltage is going into the compressor by using a multimeter if you have one. Fortunately, this issue can be quickly resolved without you having to spend a fortune on it, although you may still need to call an HVAC expert to tackle the problem.

Troubleshooting Steps that Professionals Use

Your HVAC technician is better equipped to tackle the problem if you are able to tell them for sure that it’s a problem with the compressor system. And you may not have to break down and buy a whole new air conditioning unit, although many homeowners fear that’s the case if they have an issue with the compressor. Any of the many parts that make up a compressor may be the source of the problem, and each one will be carefully looked at and considered by the AC technician that comes to your home.


A broken or malfunctioning capacitor is often the culprit if the compressor on your AC unit isn’t working, and the issue can be permanently resolved by switching it for a hard start capacitor. If your compressor won’t turn on, troubleshooting the capacitor is a logical next step, and the only way to do that is by testing the unit after replacing the capacitor.

Start Relay

Again, the only sure way to tell if the start relay is working as it should is to replace it and then test the AC unit. The problem is fixed if a technician installs a new start relay and the compressor then works.


If your compressor isn’t working, it may well be a broken valve causing refrigerant to access the compressor inlet instead of gas. Your air conditioner just won’t cool the air in this scenario, although the compressor may still be running. The problem is typically fixed when you replace any broken valves.

Terminal Connections

You can have some serious issues with your AC unit if the terminal connections are loose or not in place, and it’s an obvious step for your technician to check these. And you may just need to clean the terminal connections if they are dirty; it often is as simple a fix like that.

Dead Compressor

Most homeowners who have air conditioning have two main options to consider if they discover that the compressor in their air conditioner is completely dead and just can’t be fixed, no matter what. If this happens to you, you may decide it’s time to buy an entirely new AC system, or you may decide it’s easier just to replace the compressor. Replacing the compressor will generally cost you under half of the cost of a whole new unit, so clearly, the cost is a factor when making that decision. It may make more sense from an economic point to buy a whole new air conditioner if the cost of buying a new compressor comes to more than 50 percent of the cost of the new unit.

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What You Should Know About Air Conditioning & Your Home

Thank God, air conditioning was invented. If not, we can all be suffering under the summer heat. Luckily, the air conditioner was born. And life would never be the same again.

And now, technology for air conditioning is advancing rapidly. There is an air conditioner to suit every need, caprice or fancy. What will you choose for your home or office?

Here are your choices for air conditioning options. Let us begin with the simplest one.

Split Air Conditioner System

When you have this type of air conditioning St Petersburg FL system, you are essentially choosing which room or rooms you want to have the air conditioner installed. For instance, you may elect to have only the baby’s room and the living room to be air-conditioned. Sounds good?

Accordingly, there is an air compressor set up outside the home or office. And this air conditioning device connects to the air conditioner in one or two rooms where you want an air conditioner installed. Of course, you are free to choose what type of air conditioning unit you want.

The installer can have the wall or window-mounted air conditioner. The stand-alone air conditioning unit is another version. With so many models to choose from, it will be easy to find the type that fits the individual room.

You can have a portable air conditioner that you can easily wheel into any room. You can even find one that fits snugly on the table or complements a corner of the room. This way, the air conditioner becomes an interior design accessory as well if not a part of the decoration.

By choosing the right shape, size, color, and other aspects of the air conditioning unit, you will not only end up cooling the respective room. The room will look even better or more sleek with the addition of the air conditioner.

What Is With the Multi-Split Air Conditioning System?

It is really simple. Once the air conditioning system involves conditioning the air for up to five rooms–you are involved in setting up the multi-split system. This is popular in many big homes for obvious reasons.

Again, economics is still being achieved. After all, you are not trying to air condition the whole house. Also, there are individual controls on a per room basis.

For example, one of your children may be more used to cooler temperatures, while another one wants to sleep wrapped in a thick blanket. With individual thermostat controls, everyone in the family gets what he or she wants.

For Duct’s Sake: Anatomy of the Ducted Air Conditioning Setup

Now here is the scoop on the ducted air conditioner apparatus. It involves an outdoor and an indoor unit. There are no customized air conditioners that can be found in the rooms.

Just like the system says, ducts are involved–and this has nothing to do with duct tape or anything like that. It simply means that from outside the house, air conduits run all throughout the house. So there is no extra air conditioning unit that you will find inside the house.

In fact, the ducts can be found in the ceiling or under the house. As a result, there are no eyesores, as all air conduits are hidden from view. That is as far as the second part of the air conditioning system is concerned.

Real estate agents love to sell a home or property that has the aforementioned properties. So if you want to increase the value of your investment exponentially, the last air conditioning system is the way to go. You might think that this system will be costly in the long run.

But think again! You can add the so-called zoning feature into the air conditioning mix. This way, you can achieve even more control of the utility budget by being able to customize individual temperatures at the flick of a button. In this manner, the ducted air conditioning system handily beats the multi-split setup.

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Why It Makes Sense To Replace Your Old HVAC System

If your old HVAC system stops working, you probably know enough to replace it. But you may be asking yourself why replace it if it’s still working and getting the job done, even if it an older model? However, it makes a lot of sense to get rid of your older system and invest in a newer one, even though a new HVAC system can be costly. These reasons to upgrade your old system may convince you it’s time for a change.

An Older System

If you maintain everything as you should, you can expect an HVAC system to last an average of 15 years, and your furnace to last between 10 and 15 years. Your system will start to show its age a lot sooner if you neglect to maintain it, don’t bother to schedule routine maintenance and forget to replace the filters. You can expect your monthly energy bills to be a lot higher if you aren’t maintaining your system as it should, and it isn’t functioning as efficiently. Because a new HVAC system is a lot more energy efficient, you can anticipate your brand new unit paying for itself within just a few years. You can also lose between 20 and 30 percent of your energy if you have leaking ductwork, so it’s important to have that inspected when installing a new system.

Better Comfort

Better airflow and a more accurate way of regulating the temperature in the different rooms of your home means more comfort for you and your family. The problem of a room is too cold or feeling too hot should be a thing of the past. The movement and consistency of the air are improved when you install a new variable speed unit.

Better Air Quality

The air inside your home can be several times more polluted than the air outside, in a newer home that’s designed to be airtight to improve efficiency. Managing the quality of the air inside your home is one of the most important tasks of your HVAC unit, as well as filtering small particles of dust and debris out of the air. All of this means better quality air and humidity levels that are much more comfortable. When you buy a newer system, you can be guaranteed of a much healthier environment with extra features such as air filters, an air purifier, and a whole home dehumidifier. Potentially harmful germs, molds, and vapors are eliminated to a large extent.

Integration With Your Smart Device

Having a heating and cooling setting that matches your lifestyle and your needs is easy with today’s smart systems that are more energy efferent than ever before. And wasting energy cooling or heating an empty house is a thing of the past when you can manage your HVAC system from your phone, regardless of where you are.

Increased Resale Value

Most potential home buyers look at the age and condition of the home’s HVAC system and take into account how long it will last before they have to spend a lot on a new one. Adding value to your home is another big benefit of replacing that aging system with a new one.

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